3. Market Opportunity

Since the explosion and worldwide retail recognition of Dogecoin in 2021, helped in large part by billionaire Tesla and X owners Elon Musk, meme coins have become an integral part of the crypto industry. In fact, meme coins are now classed as a legitimate crypto investment category, catalysed by a surge of new activity on the Solana blockchain in 2024.

The Doge remains the most recognisable face in memes, and is the perfect pocket companion to walk with their humans through a mobile-first, next-gen crypto gaming experience. PlayDoge is inspired by the nostalgia around Tamagotchi to create a fresh, beloved gaming experience for new and old retail investors, and a valuable portfolio addition for Doge meme fans.

The global video game market was valued close to $250 billion towards the end of 2023. This is expected to grow to approximately $665 billion by 2033, according to Precedence Research. Meanwhile, as of May 2024, the Play-to-Earn gaming category on CoinMarketCap had a total market cap of more than $13 billion. As blockchain gaming continues to show a strong upwards trajectory, PlayDoge plans to steal significant market share with a mobile gaming app that has mass appeal, active earning potential, and wide replayability.

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